Sound Control is free software that can be used by anyone to create new musical instruments using their choice of movements, sensed with a variety of off-the-shelf devices (including webcam, Leap Motion, micro:bit, mouse, microphone, etc.).

Sound Control uses machine learning to enable users to create new musical instruments by demonstrating examples of motions and sounds, so no programming or musical expertise is necessary! These new instruments can be used to play and manipulate musical material, which can be either new material recorded by users or taken from third-party sample libraries.


Sound Control was created in collaboration with youth with special educational needs and disabilities, as well as their music teachers and therapists. Together, we have aimed to create software that makes it easy to create bespoke digital musical instruments that are tailored to individuals’ abilities and preferences, as well as to create new musical interactions for music therapy and fun.

Watch the video tour above to see a few things that Sound Control can do, then visit our tutorials page and download the software for yourself!

Sound Control is supported by a Paul Hamlyn Foundation “Widening Access and Participation in the Arts” grant. The project is led by the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust. The software development and design research were conducted at Goldsmiths University of London.