The Team

Simon Steptoe, together with Louise Tyrrell, runs the Musical Inclusion Programme for the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust (NMPAT). This programme provides open and inclusive musical opportunities and activities for disadvantaged children and young people who, due to their personal and/or domestic circumstances, are unable to access mainstream provision. The range of challenging circumstances these children and young people face is very broad, and includes those in care/looked-after, with special education needs and disabilities, young carers, young parents, those with mental health issues, emotional and behavioural difficulties, to name just a few.

The present incarnation of the programme is called “Music Forge” and is supported by a wide range of funders, the primary ones currently being Youth Music and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation. “Sound Control” operates under the banner of “Music Forge” and is part of a package of music making, activities, and research being delivered across the counties of Northamptonshire and Rutland.

Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink is a Reader at the Creative Computing Institute at University of the Arts London, and in the Computing Department at Goldsmiths University of London. Her research and teaching focus on making new technologies for music and other creative work. The Sound Control software grew out of her work on the Wekinator, a more general-purpose tool for enabling musicians to make new digital musical instruments with sensors and machine learning. As the lead academic on the project, she has overseen the participatory design and development processes.

Jan Hall is a Music Therapist and Music Teacher at Rowan Gate School in Wellingborough. She is also the co founder and chair of trustees of Thomas’s Fund a service providing music therapy at home. Throughout her career Jan has pioneered equal opportunities forĀ SEN/D children to create music and provides expert consultation to the Sound Control project. Jan has helped shape the concept and design of the software from its inception.

Rebecca Price is a professional musician, singer and songwriter, and has been teaching piano professionally for 10 years. Over this time she has developed an interest and enthusiasm for sharing her skills and knowledge with children with SEN/D or SMEH issues, and has spent much time with colleagues in the sector exploring and adapting her approaches to enable these children achieve their full musical potential. She has been working as a teaching assistant at Rowan Gate Special School for 5 years. Through the Musical Inclusion Programme, she is heavily involved in the Relaxed Singalong project. Rebecca has played a significant role in shaping the software design as well as developing an understanding of its utility in teaching and therapy.

Sam Parke-Wolfe is the main developer of the Sound Control software. He is an interdisciplinary software developer specialising in digital audio, music and machine learning. Sam received a first class Bachelor of Science in Music Computing from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2017. His main passion is exploring methods of musical expression with computational approaches which has lead to a career in developing software for creative and industry projects.

Martin Townley has also made significant contributions to the software development and deployment. He is currently a student in the Music Computing programme at Goldsmiths University of London.

Special thanks:

The Sound Control project is funded by the generous support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. We also thank Hugo Scurto for his extensive collaboration on research and development work leading to this software. The software design and implementation were also significantly shaped by the invaluable input of numerous youth participating in classroom and workshop activities. Thank you!